No Way To Run A Democracy

Last month we urged you to call your state senators, ask them to support some proposed rules changes, and “Stop the Ruggerio Power Grab.” But unless you are represented by Senator Sam Bell (D-Dist 5) or Senator Donna Nesselbush (D-Dist 15) they did not listen. Or rather, your voice was drowned out by senate leadership for whom most Rhode Islanders did not vote.

Fortunately for the entire state Bell and Nesselbush are dedicated public servants* who can speak and write and articulate clearly what is going on in the senate. Both are frequent contributors to the Providence Journal. In an opinion piece last week “Fearful RI senators side with leaders,” (that included illuminating and depressing examples how the voting played out) Senator Nesselbush wrote,

Far more frightening than the failure of these amendments is the sad and dangerous truth revealed here about Rhode Island government. Senators, by and large, cast their votes with leadership so that their own bills have a chance of passing. They don’t vote their conscience for fear of retribution. They don’t rock the boat to prevent being ostracized.

This is not the way to run a democracy; we know that engaging in meaningful debate and incorporating diverse viewpoints is the best approach. Consolidating power in the hands of the few is autocracy, not democracy.

Help these two real democrats out. Contact them and let them know you need them to keep fighting. Senator Bell has a fundraiser coming up on April 30. You can make a donation to Senator Nesselbush here. More at UpriseRI.

And CONTACT YOUR SENATOR and tell them to grow a spine, organize, and stand up to Ruggerio.

*Lest Bell and Nesselbush be characterized as “wild-eyed progressives” keep in mind that Ruggerio (like House Speaker Mattiello) gets an A-rating from the NRA and has the endorsement of R.I. Right to Life. He is a Democrat in Name Only (DINO). It is almost impossible not to be to the left of these guys.

2 thoughts on “No Way To Run A Democracy”

  1. Kathleen G Silbestri

    I would be opposed to a “power grab” by anyone in the State Senate. So would a multitude of Rhode Islanders, if the truth be known. But, the reason that good people don’t vote, or in many cases, never even contemplate a run for political office, is precisely because of the “old boy” network that is entrenched in RI politics. Term limits are what the people really want, and they want Senators with the cahones to fight to put that on a statewide ballot. And, they don’t want any overriding of that objective by a trumped up “old boy” network committed to blocking the opportunity for citizens to vote on that issue. Work on moving this forward.

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