RISD Senior Furniture Show — Woods-Gerry

(4.9) The annual senior shows at the Woods-Gerry Gallery cycle through pretty quickly; the furniture show is always one of the most interesting and this year’s is no exception. It ends April 9th.

This vibrant blue blob is Quimper Chair — plywood, webbing, recycled foam, dacron, and lycra — by Rebecca Ford (BFA Furniture Design). And the fabulous mirror above the fireplace is by Monel Reina (BFA Furniture Design).

I also enjoyed two odd pieces (see below) by Harry Cassell (BFA Furniture Design): Roller is made of white oak, steel, and hardware. He fabricated Footrest (which I want to own) from powder coated steel, foam, and upholstery fabric.

The two chairs seen below: The intricate handiwork of Butaca Neoclasica by Valeria Buttaci Rincon is best appreciated up close. It is made of mild steel and a plastic tablecloth. And on the right is Lion Dancer Chair by Irene Wei.

These items make for vivid photos, but some of the more modest wood pieces are superbly crafted. Having overheard two students effusing over a particular curving joint on a small box, I looked again and my jaw dropped.

Follow the schedule of upcoming shows at the RISD Exhibitions Facebook page.

Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 10 am-5 pm; Sunday, 2-5 pm

Woods-Gerry Gallery, 62 Prospect Street, (directions)


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