AS220 Bar Reopens

The good folks at AS220 have just sent word: The bar reopens Thursday. (The restaurant is not open yet.) This has been a major reno, months in the making. Everyone is curious to see what the space looks and sounds like. One new improvement sure to please: a secure loading and staging area for the musicians and performers. But first, let’s break in that bar.

The Bar at AS220 closed on January 5th – almost 4 months ago – so we could dig in and get underway with major renovations happening as part of our All Access campaign to improve AS220’s Empire Street complex. Needless to say, WE’VE MISSED YOU!
We’re excited to welcome you back to this space that is new and improved yet still serves the same purpose it always has: to be a welcoming and lively hub for the thriving creative community in Providence. Plus, when you drink at our bar your money is going towards supporting AS220’s mission to provide an unjuried, uncensored, all-ages forum for all Rhode Island artists!

Stick around for a benefit show in the Main Space, starting at 8:30pm, featuring: music, art for sale, and “live experimental cooking.” (No clue.) The Black Box got an overhaul as well and on Thursday night will hold the opening of the Providence Movement Festival.

Reopening, 5pm to 1am, Thursday, April 25, AS220, 115 Empire Street, (directions)

Work in progress from back in February.

[This just in. The bar looks great. It’s on the right now, with tables on the left. Nice choices on the decor. BC]

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