First Amendment & Free Press At Rochambeau

(4.29) Seen here is the keyboard of the 1954 Linotype Linecaster currently owned and operated by DWRI Letterpress in Providence. Until 1978 this machine was owned by The New York Times and used for editorial composition. Think of the opinions typed out right here on this keyboard: editorials about the Pentagon Papers, Watergate, impeachment, the pardon. These editorials helped shape public opinion leading to the resignation of a corrupt president and his criminal administration. We need a free press now more that ever.

This Monday the Rochambeau Library will host a talk on ‘The First Amendment and the Free Press’ with speaker Gregory Sullivan, a media law expert who has served as general counsel for the Union Leader Corporation for the past 42 years.

New England First Amendment Coalition offers discussions on journalism and the First Amendment as part of its Featured Speaker Program, launched in January 2018 to help increase First Amendment education in high schools, college classrooms and community centers.

Go here to subscribe to The New York Times right now. The basic digital subscription is ridiculously cheap. Or get the ‘Weekender’ and have hardcopies delivered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

7pm to 8:45pm, Monday, April 29, Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope Street, (directions)

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