SUDS Party At Avenue Concept

(5.3) Volunteers wanted for some good clean fun. Join environmental activist (see: Whale Guitar Project) and talented musician Jen Long for the recyCLEAN Volunteer Suds Party. The crew will be rinsing out soapy plastic containers to be used in a future public art sculpture.

What are you doing next Friday? We need you for some Good CLEAN Fun!! Come take part in public art and get sudsy with us as we wash the suds out of these soap bottles and jugs! You’ll be helping us prep for artist @stevensiegelstudio to transform them into a giant sculpture!

Check out the slideshow at Steven Siegel. The work is amazing and one of the pieces suggests what we might be aiming for here. This will be going up somewhere around the city and you will be able to say you helped, “Remember that thing I was telling you about? There it is!”

Seen here: Artist E-Law (edward.a.lawrence) sprayed this scene on the back wall in honor of the occasion. The exterior of the Avenue Concept building is one big canvas. Some of the work is dazzling (see below).

10am to 3:30pm, Friday, May 3, Avenue Project, 304 Lockwood Street, (directions)

Street art legend Dr. Dax cruised through some time ago.

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