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(5.18) Egg creams, lime rickeys, phosphates! Take a walk back in time this Saturday when Green Line Apothecary celebrates the opening of their North Main Street location. It has been open since April but they waited for the good weather to celebrate. This is a full-service pharmacy (with free delivery in their amazing old Chevys, see below) and a real live, shiny, soda fountain.

Owner and pharmacist Christina Procaccianti and husband Ken opened their first store in Wakefield in 2016. According to the ProJo:

“As the pharmacist, it’s fun to add some whimsy to a very serious business,” said Christina, who is also Green Line’s head pharmacist. “We’re trying to make this a pleasant place for people and so much of that had to do with re-creating the soda fountain experience.”

To do so, the couple bought a 1940s-era soda fountain that was formerly used in a department store in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and restored it to its current gleaming glory. “The building owner had disassembled it and it was just sitting in the basement, so we had it shipped out,” said Ken.

The owners were not in this morning; seen here are floor manager, and JWU grad, Jav who takes particular pride in her knowledge of the herbal supplement section. On the right is URI alum Maggie, ready to jerk you a soda. Following graduation, Maggie moved to Providence where she has joined the local theater scene, specifically the Wilbury Group. (Free cool paper soda jerk hats on Saturday . . . while supplies last.)

Ribbon cutting ceremony and Doo Wop party starts at 2pm.

Our birthday celebration rolls on – grand opening on North Main Street Providence and three years on Main Street Wakefield! Transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy on Ribbon Cutting Day – May 18th – and receive a complimentary Green Line gift bag filled with product samples.

Take a trip down memory lane with a live Doo-Wop show from oldies band Reminisce from 2pm to 4pm. Our authentic soda fountain will be serving limited-edition Birthday Cake Batter Ice Cream along with our nostalgic menu of all-natural soda, shakes, floats and more.

2pm to 4pm, Saturday, May 18, Green Line Apothecary, 905 North Main Street, (directions)

Chevrolet 3100 series. Might be a ’53?

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  1. John McGrath

    The last time I had the soda fountain experience at a pharmacy was yv =b=n the late 60’s in the “village” (town center) of one of the old suburbs close in to NYC. This is great. Every town – and neighborhood – need a “village,” a center. But wait, within 3 years CVS and Walgreens will have erstaz soda fountains in their stores.

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