Weekend In Music

Friday@News Cafe, the Dust Ruffles, EclecticElectric @Alchemy, Antisect, Resistant Culture, Disaster Strikes, Chem-Trails @the Met, Epic Beard Men, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Vockah Redu @Fête Lounge, the 69 Eyes, MXMS, the Nocturnal Affair, Man1k1n @AS220, Jillian Kay, Prateek, Eric and the Nothing, Jackals @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dan Lilley and the Keepers @Askew, the Copacetics, the Pandemics, El Grande @Fête Ballroom, Los Mirlos, What Cheer Brigade, Grupo Con-Fusiòn

Saturday@AS220, Snowplows (record release), Twin Foxes, Video Shoppee, Sullest @Dusk, (3pm) I Destroyer, Seax, Venomizer, Apollyon @Fête Lounge, 2000’s tribute night @News Cafe, UNTLD, Ink the Urban Myth, Oddysseys, Limbo Limbs @Nick-A-Nee’s, Otis Read @Alchemy, Savannah (ep release), Pancake Waitress, Good Sleepy, Only on Wednesdays, Lemon Shorts

Sunday@Dusk, Even Twice, Detroit Rebellion, Fine, Quitters @the Met, Duke Robillard and His Allstar Band (cd release) @Askew, Ariana Gillis, Frankie Ranks @Alchemy, Nashville Pussy, Guitar Wolf, Turbo ACs, She Rides @Fête Lounge, Bad Bad Hats

(Original photo of Bad Bad Hats by Mallory Turner)

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