Feeding Time

I never get tired of this. So it looks like just the two nestlings this year — but look how they’ve grown! Let’s face it, twins must get more food, and sooner, than when the poor pigeon has to be divided four+ ways. And as it happens, urban wildlife photographer Peter Green of Providence Raptors has just reported that the always hairy banding event took place this morning (note the helmets).

The two Peregrine Falcons nestlings were banded today by brave Joe Zbyrowski. He determined they are both males based on their smaller size. The parents did some screaming and diving, but in the end were happy to have their babies back unharmed.

Mr. Green has posted a video and some wonderful pictures from the procedure. These parents are the same pair as last year and unbanded. The nesting box sits atop the Superman Building in downtown Providence.

(This photo is an un-retouched screenshot. The quality of the images with the new video system is much improved.)

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