‘Pnit’ A Big Hit

A real crowd-pleaser at PVDFest was this mesmerizing illuminated installation on the side of a parking garage on Washington Street. The colors move, morph, and glow. Credit design collective Pneuhaus for this beauty, a project they call Pnit. (As in ‘swimming pool’ the pee is silent.) Festival organizers tell us this 3D hanging installation “takes the form of a macro-scale section of a knit textile swatch, drawing inspiration from Providence’s rich history in the textile industry.”

Pneuhaus — Matt Muller, Augie Lehrecke, and Levi Bedall — is located across the Seekonk River in Rumford. They have been designing and fabricating these fabric installations for Fests past, Burning Man, and more, for a few years now. According to their website:

We are a design collective focusing on the mastery of all things inflatable. With expertise in both materials and methods we create spatial designs, temporary structures, contemporary art and large-scale immersive environments. As Architects, designers, engineers, and artists, we collaborate on new forms, new ideas and new ways to define public space in ways we hope to be joyful and inspiring.

Nailed it. (This project is a collaboration of Brooklyn-based Smooth Technology whose work includes the wireless LED costumes for Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour.)

I have been told that Pnit will remain hanging throughout the summer.

In daylight below.

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