Debate Watching Parties — Wild Colonial

(6.27) Former state rep Aaron Regunberg (and soon to be One L at Harvard Law) invites friends, supporters, progressive types, and the general public to join him for two debate watching parties to be held Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Wild Colonial. (Facebook event.)

This is good idea for those who could use the support of like-minded people and access to a steady supply of alcohol. Or, you may need to stay home clutching your pillow and/or brick.

I am actually pretty impressed with our choices here. (I am assuming that after Thursday that new age narcissist lady will disappear below the waves. Go away . . . you are not helping.) Even when the ones you have never heard of turn up somewhere, they turn out to be pretty damn good. Mike Bennett of Colorado showed up on Seth Meyers the other night and not only was he thoughtful and smart, but he was frequently funny . . . actually funny, not those painfully rehearsed politician “jokes.” So while I have a few favorites, I am keeping an open mind.

Word Search! Can you find the candidates in the fireplace? I have a dozen names* hidden in the bricks. (Two more guys have been yoked together for the ‘Adult Swim’ fans out there — I must have my fun.)

The Wild Colonial has plenty of free parking. Wheelchair accessible.

8:30pm, Wednesday, June 26/Thursday, June 27, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, (directions)

*julián, pete, tulsi, bernie, hickenlooper, jay, kamala, joe, beto, cory, warren, yang, and two more guys

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