Week In Music

Monday@Alchemy, Bicycle Inn, The Way Back When, Familiar Spaces, Eleanor and the Pretty Things, American Beauty @Dusk, Dawn Cabral @News Cafe, Jub, the Electric Dugans, Triheart, Hello Atlantic

Tuesday@AS220, Searchlight Souls, Truth Bypassed, the Dick Derry Band @Nick-A-Nee’s, Bobby Keyes Trio @Dusk, Song Birds, Minibeast, A Deer A Horse, Substantial Abuse @News Cafe, Stubborn Hearts, the Essays, Street Milk

Wednesday@the Parlour, Ghosts in the Snow, Neapolitan, Wreath, Chimp Jaw @Fête Lounge, Ky, Najee Janey, Israel Wusu, Nino Francis @Dusk, 3D3, All Mighty Cowboys, the Persisters @AS220, Trav Black, Chris La Salsa, Brooxana, Mz Marrow, Scribe, Wale @Nick-A-Nee’s, Dyer Switch Band @Alchemy, Mothersound, Forthteller, S’efforcer, ATV, Dreamwake

Thursday@Nick-A-Nee’s, the Subliminals @Alchemy, the Ghost Wolves, 61 Ghosts, AdapterAdapter @Askew, From Parts Unknown, Stereoflower, the Hangovers

(Photo of the Ghost Wolves)

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