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(7.28) Head over to the Wild Colonial Tavern for an evening of sanctioned smarty-pantsing. Show off all that book-larning while simultaneously admitting that you can name all five Jonas Brothers. The ‘Crush it like Quint’ image suggests this week’s theme, so study up on your sharks* . . . boats . . . things you can crush . . . West Side Story . . . baby shark . . . left shark . . . chum . . . choom . . . (Facebook event.)

Looking for the perfect way to kick off Shark Week?
Well, why not come down to the Wild Colonial Sunday at 8pm, you can take a big old bite out of some tasty, seal-like trivia*, show off your scars and compete for random bar shwag and those oh so chummy bragging rights!

*Please note, no seals have been harmed in the making of this Pub Quiz.

Other categories may include current events, local stuff, mountain ranges, French cuisine, mass extinctions . . . you never know. It’s different every week, but it always ends in a 12-question audio music category. The rules are explained as you go along, so form a team of one to four people and just show up.

Great beer on tap. Swell prizes — third place goes home with Wild Colonial pint glasses.

*Chondrichthyans for the marine biologists.

8pm, Sunday, July 28, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, plenty of parking, wheelchair accessible, (directions)

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