Crook Point Bascule Slated For Demolition

Why do we love this rusting old hulk so? It’s hard to explain but I think it says something good about us. We also turned an aging colliery into a park without too many alterations, and one of our most popular bars is known for its great view of a power plant. We like our industrial bones I guess.

According to the DOT’s Transportation Improvement Plan the Crook Point Railroad Bascule has been slated for demolition later in 2026. The 111-year-old railroad bridge has been stuck in the up position since 1976 and the silhouette has become something of a local icon (see below).

I imagine a ‘Save the Bascule’ campaign will develop (with more T-shirts of course) but there may be some compelling issues here regarding safety and liability. WPRI News spoke with Stephen Devine, administrator of RIDOT’s Transit Office:

Tucked into the state’s latest 10-year transportation improvement plan known as RhodeWorks, which became law in 2016, $6 million is earmarked to demolish the Crook Point Bridge in 2026-27.

“There is definitely a need to take it down,” Devine said. “People can get hurt, there are liability issues, it’s in bad shape.”

The reason: there is an access point from Gano Street in Providence that attracts many people. The aging structure is covered in graffiti, and there are a number of videos posted online showing people climbing the bridge.

The fence that is supposed to block access has been cut several times over the years. RIDOT says maintenance crews need to repair the fence often.

“Unfortunately, people find a way to either get around it, get through it,” Devine added. “So it continues to be an attractive nuisance.”

But according to the ProJo the Mayor is keeping the topic open:

“The historic Crook Point Bridge is a landmark and one that the City would like to see preserved,” Elorza spokeswoman Emily Crowell wrote in an email Tuesday. “We are engaging with RIDOT in hope that they would consider transferring the bridge to the City in the future.”

I like that the Mayor “gets it.”


Onesies used to be available at Craftland. I’m not sure if they still carry them.



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