Uh Oh, Tree Scooters

Um . . . climate change? A stroll over to Prospect Terrace turned into an adventure when I spotted two gentlemen peering over the south end and decided to interfere. I assumed they had wedged a drone, or maybe a particularly valuable Frisbee, in the tree canopy only to discover that three Lime scooters had been jammed into the crotch.

I hesitate to publicize this craziness  — apparently screwing with these scooters has become something of a social media competition, natch — but I became invested in the effort and I want to give props to my new pals Gordon and Billy for their Herculean retrieval effort on a very hot day. They work for Lime.

Initially they tried to “jiggle the handle” from the terrace with a strap, but the scooters were really wedged in. Plan B was a ladder, and even then it was no easy task untangling and hoisting and heaving them out of the tree. This was easily 30′ up a ladder on an uneven footing. That climb was risky, and I’m sure there was damage to the scooters.

Cities everywhere are trying to accommodate the scooters and electric bikes because people are really using these things: and not just for fun, but for getting around town. And the cities make a little money. I really do hope the trashing-and-posting phase passes and the idiots can go back to eating Tide pods or whatever.

Channel 12 recently ran a story about the problem of the scooters being thrown in the river. They spoke with a Lime spokesman:

If anyone sees a Lime scooter that they suspect is being tampered with or vandalized, we ask that they please immediately report it to our 24/7 customer service team, available through the app, email (support@li.me), and phone or text (1-888-LIME-345).”

The ladder portion of the program made me nervous.

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  1. Having heaved several scooters from the middle of side walks to more pedestrian friendly spots in the Jewelry District, I am truly impressed by what the Lime scooter guys accomplished. That’s heavy lifting. The only thing more massive than the weight of the scooters and the tonnage of the bikes is the predatory pricing the nice bait and switchers at Jump have just announced.

    Several things going on here. A great idea at the original prices, a lousy one at 20 bucks an hour or whatever a Jump bike ride costs. It’s great to see happy people zinging around on the bikes and the scooters: it makes such good sense. And then it all goes wrong when those happy people are bearing down on you on the sidewalks, heading downhill on North Main Street against up-bound traffic. Or, as I saw the other night, a quartet of cheery young people making a left turn from the right lane across Clifford St. in front of three oncoming cars.

    Finally, a reaction to the bikes and scooters that’s akin to that of the Graffitologists who think it’s OK to deface historic buildings, the new pedestrian bridge and everything else in town. They seem to think it’s okay to toss (expensive) private property into the river… or hang it from the trees. What’s up with THAT?

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