Pedestrian Bridge Now Open

Nailed it. Everybody is loving the city’s new pedestrian bridge. Yes, some people are grumbling about how the budget ballooned over the years, but look what we have to show for it . . . something everyone can enjoy, for free, every day. One can not always quantify the benefits of such an investment — but if you were looking to relocate your business, or open a new office somewhere, wouldn’t this get your attention?

For now let’s just celebrate, and if you haven’t visited yet, get down there. This is where you will be bringing your out-of-town visitors now. The views are wonderful. You can sit and gaze up the river towards the skyline, or you can sit and look south and take in the I-way bridge, South Street landing, and the power plant . . . and the river, the birds, clouds.

RIDOT Director Peter Alviti spoke to the crowd gathered for Friday’s ribbon cutting ceremony:

“What has emerged is the architectural marvel surrounded by parks that we see here today,” Alviti said. “Because of all the unique architectural elements, such as lighting underneath the rails, built-in chess boards, the hardwood decks, the decks made of a durable and long-lasting Brazilian wood, decorative planters and special seating areas and terraces, this bridge will both be a means of transportation for pedestrians [and] also a destination for public enjoyment.”

Make sure to check it out at twilight. The lighting all along the bridge and the sun setting over the skyline — it’s quite lovely. It will be nice in the snow too.

I think William Warner, the architect behind Waterplace Park and the Riverwalk, would be pleased. It all looks of a piece. And the plantings are excellent — fantastic use of ornamental grasses.

Now . . . I wonder what Barnaby Evans and the WaterFire people have up their sleeves.


Plant City opened recently on South Water Street with perfect views from their indoor restaurants, and you can see the bridge in the background here. Geoff’s Sandwiches is nearby on South Main at James Street.

Indefatigable bridge chronicler Tim Empkie took our ‘featured’ photo of people walking on the bridge, as well as this picture below of bridge architect, Michael Guthrie, inFormStudio (left) and Matthew Giovino, project manager for general contractor, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons. Tim just found out on Friday that Mr. Guthrie has been following his weekly progress reports for several years to keep up with their project! 

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  1. This is really just so beautiful. I hope it is well looked after (and not spoiled with tagging and other destruction like so many other nice things we have in the city)

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