‘Millennium Actress’ At Mall

(8.19) Fans of Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue now have an opportunity to experience his 2001 sequel ‘Millennium Actress’ on a big screen at the Providence Place Cinema this Monday. This is the dubbed version. According to the AV Club,

In 1997, writer-director Satoshi Kon brought Hitchcockian noir to Japanese animation with Perfect Blue, a quirky thriller about a pop-star-turned-actress who loses her grip on reality while under siege by a murderous stalker and a phantom representing her past. In Kon’s hands, truth, fantasy, conscious pretense, and sick delusion merged into a breathless blur which exploded with tension, but never fully resolved into coherency. Kon’s 2001 follow-up, Millennium Actress, proved he’d become more technically proficient and more ambitious, but no less opaque and no less obsessed with Perfect Blue‘s central themes: subjective vs. objective reality, and how art muddies the waters between them.

Rated PG. Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes.

7pm, Monday, August 19, Providence Place Mall, (directions)

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