Weekend In Music

Friday@News Cafe, Video Shoppe, Snowplows, Moon Room, Steadystate @Alchemy, Arkona, Metsatoll, Mecha, Chimp Jaw @the Met, the Copacetics, Diablogato @Dusk, S&S, the Silent Mile, Twin Brook, Panzerchocolate @Askew, Time Gone There, Lucidas, Billy Durvin and the Launch Codes @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Teledynes

Saturday@the Strand, Myke Towers @the Met, Dead Fish Handshake, Dom D’Alfonso, Neopolitan @Fête Lounge, (sold out) Krayzie Bone @Askew, Richie Ramone, Tender Beats, Kissing Kontest @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Robcats, Dylan Lucas @AS220, Bastard Noise, Woundman, more @Alchemy, Chousand, Never Coming Home, Let It Rain, more

Sunday@Scürvy Dög, (Parking Lot Mega music starts at 2pm) She Rides, the Hammer Party, Red Mantis, and more

(Original photo of Video Shoppe by James Lastowski)

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