Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Dani Riley

Tuesday@Alchemy, Echoes of Purity, Downcaster, Dying Undiscovered, Truth Bipassed @the Strand, Tash Sultana @AS220, Robbie Rhodes, F. Howler, Ava Callery @Askew, the Autocrats @Dusk, Appalling, Deathcrown, Haven for Depravity

Wednesday@AS220, Zip Code Redemption, Major Entertainer, Domestique, Brian 4 Ever @Dusk, Ant G @Nick-A-Nee’s, Pretty Saro

Thursday@the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Dylan Harley, Ray Belli (Arc Iris), Sidy Maiga @the Narrows, Birds of Chicago @Dusk, Dynamic Duo

(Photo of Tash Sultana)

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