What Cheer Flower Farm Festival

(9.19) Online presale tickets have already sold out for the What Cheer Flower Festival and Art Show taking place this Thursday. Tickets will be available at the gate. What Cheer Flower Farm’s Flower Festival includes:

An 18-foot flower wall/displays from seven floral designers/a one-night-only art show featuring twenty+ local artists/food including Olneyville NY System wieners, Sin cupcakes, a pesto bar, and a honey-tasting bar/live music from 3 bands: Su Casa, Smith & Weeden, Jesse the Tree.

Plus, you will tour the flower fields at sunset while contemporary dancers leap about. If there’s going to be leaping, I am in.

This special organization is located on 2.7 acres of a brownfield site (a former factory). What Cheer Flower Farm gives all its flowers away to charity (it’s a 501c3 charity, so tax deductible). I have been meaning to write about this place for ages. I did try to find it this past summer — and I think I did find it: there was a fence and a sign — but I clearly missed the season. I guess. How do you not find a 2.7 acre farm in Olneyville Square? So here are the parking notes from their website:

The Festival entry will be at 48 Plainfield St, at the parking lot of the central Olneyville Family Dollar, across the street from Fete Music Hall. (It sounds prosaic, but our decorating committee will make it magical for you.)

There’s also free on-street parking and the parking lot at Fete Music Hall will be available. If you live in Providence, consider taking a Lyft or Uber, or taking a RIPTA bus to Olneyville Center. If you live on the West Side or in Silverlake or Olneyville, consider walking.

Food, live music, an art show, an 18’ floral wall and installations by seven top designers. This sounds good. I gotta find this place.

(This is a recent photo from their fall dahlia harvest.)

Flower Festival, $20, 5pm to 9pm, Thursday, September 19, 48 Plainfield Street, (directions)

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