Smithsonian Museum Day

(9.21) Saturday is Smithsonian Museum Day. Admission to participating museums, like the RISD Museum, will be free with ticket. A Museum Day ticket provides free admission for two people on Saturday, September 21.

Local museums include: the John Brown House, the Lippitt House, the Museum of Natural History at RW Park, and many more around the state. Go here to get tickets to the Rhode Island museums. You are only allowed to download one ticket to one museum on Museum Day. Once you click “generate ticket,” you won’t be able to change your museum selection.

Opening Saturday at RISD will be ‘Raid the Icebox Now’ by self-described architectural provocateur, Pablo Bronstein. Runs through June 28, 2020. [Just stopped by. I loved this exhibit! BC]

Historical Rhode Island Decor presents three rooms decorated with new wallpapers and printed fabrics by artist Pablo Bronstein. These designs, which depict the Rhode Island State House, the First Baptist Church in America, and the Stephen Hopkins House, reflect the development of the architectural imagery of statehood. The wallpapers also refer to antique examples in the RISD Museum collections and to the revival of Colonial and Federal styles at the beginning of the 20th century—styles that have not only contributed significantly to shared visual imagery, but have shaped notions of the past.

RISD Museum, 20 North Main Street, (directions)

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