Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Al Diaz

Tuesday@AS220, Searchlight Souls, Stone Nobles, Nadyne Luchon, Truth Bypassed @Nick-A-Nee’s, Bobby Keys Trio @the Narrows, Jesse Cook @Alchemy, Dying Undiscovered, the Echoes of Purity, Downcaster, Truth Bypassed @Dusk, Breachway, Anthony Savino, Joey Freeman

Wednesday@Nick-a-Nee’s, Grain Thief @AS220, TLM, Social Rhetoric Overdrive, Fart @Dusk, Jesse and the Tree People, Height Keech, Lewis M., Drent

Thursday@Dusk, the Hammer Party, Psychotic Reaction, Substantial Abuse @the Met, Mall Grab, Madame X @Fête Lounge, Carpathia, Black Dagger, Young Other, Audio Vex, Third Knuckle, Cosmic Factory @the Parlour, Two Djimm @Askew, Little Days feat. Jorgen Carlsson, Mease

(Photo of Carpathia)

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