‘The Witch’ At Granoff

(10.21) A free screening, and costume contest, of Robert Eggers’ “The Witch” takes place Monday evening at the Granoff Center. (Facebook event.)

Please join Ivy Film Festival, A24 at Brown, and BUFF for a free screening of ‘The Witch’ to get you in the Halloween spirit. Dress to impress for our costume contest! Winner will receive a full size movie poster of ‘The Witch’, a poster of Robert Eggers new release ‘The Lighthouse’, and A24 merch!

From a review at Roger Ebert:

. . . “The Witch” is not a morality play in a traditional sense. It’s an ensemble drama about a faithless family on the verge of self-destruction. And it is about women, and the patriarchal stresses that lead to their disenfranchisement.

I’m not sure how to characterize The New York Times review of Eggers’s new movie “The Lighthouse” — starring a crusty Willem Dafoe and a craggy Robert Pattinson — but it made me want to see it.

Free, 7pm to 9pm, Monday, October 21, Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center, 154 Angell Street, (directions)

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