Plastic Bag Ban Starts

Hallelujah! Starting Tuesday, October 22, Providence businesses can no longer offer single-use plastic bags to customers. From the ProJo:

Some of the city’s larger retailers, like CVS and Stop & Shop, said they would eliminate the use of plastic bags in their stores on Tuesday and offer paper bags to customers at no charge.

Stop & Shop spokeswoman Jennifer Brogan wrote in an email that the corporation would give away free reusable bags to the first 300 customers who visit each of its three Providence locations, including East Side Market, on Tuesday.

There is still plenty to figure out about eliminating plastic in our lives: Shampoo? Toothpaste? Prepared foods? My home is far from plastic-free, but the shopping bags? That was an easy one. Helpful hint: Keep your totes and used paper bags in your car. Unload the groceries and right back to the car they go. In the beginning you will forget to bring them into the store, but you will learn. Like seatbelts. After a while, grabbing a couple of totes becomes second nature.

At this point there is no excuse. We all have seen the pictures. Need convincing? Here are 10 Facts About Plastic Bags in the Environment.

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