‘Facing The Giant’ Exhibit — AS220 Pop-Up Gallery

Well . . . that opening reception on Friday night was quite the scene. Artist, and deejay for the evening, Shepard Fairey had the crowd bouncing along, and the line to get in went around the corner. I took a pass and maybe you did too. If you would like to check it all out at your leisure, the exhibit will remain up until November 16th.

According to OBEY, the works on display at Facing the Giant were “chosen for their importance aesthetically and conceptually, and for addressing critical topics and themes frequently recurring throughout Fairey’s career” including “phenomenology, self-empowerment, rebellion, abuse of power, environmental destruction, racism, gender equality, xenophobia, campaign finance reform, the military industrial complex, propaganda, war and peace, and economic imperialism.”

AS220 Pop-Up Gallery, Monday – Saturday, noon to 6pm, 233 Westminster Street, (directions)

The giant outdoor mural was brightly illuminated on Friday night. The subject of Fairey’s 100th mural is AS220’s Director of Programs and Youth, Anjel Newmann. You can see it from the gallery location.

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