Elves At Work

And now for something completely different. The city forestry crew seems to be having a little fun as they rogue out the dead and damaged trees along the Blackstone Boulevard walking path. The only information I can find is on the Blackstone Parks Conservancy Facebook page which has posted a Twitter comment by Boston Globe reporter Edward Fitzpatrick . . . always on the job. He has photos of two other sproutings.

But really, what is there to say? It’s just fun. This is pretty impressive chainsaw art for Parks Department employees who probably can’t spend all day refining such fripperies. (This taxpayer thinks it’s just fine.) The one seen here is just north of President Avenue.

(Dreading the upcoming months of couch-bound indolence? Consider joining the Blackstone Parks Conservancy. The following activities are already on tap for Saturday mornings in early 2020: Cones & Conifers; Moss & Microworlds; Frogs & Toads.)

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