The ‘Art Of Design’ — Cas Holman

Fans of design — industrial, biomedical, typographical — will want to check out “Abstract: The Art of Design” on Netflix. The second season features Cas Holman, full time faculty member in the Industrial Design Department at RISD. Holman  crafts tools and objects designed to inspire kids (and adults) to play creatively.

Through her company Heroes Will Rise, she designs and manufactures tools for the imagination. These materials are manipulable parts and pieces which inspire constructive play, imaginative forms, and cooperative interactions between people.

In the show, Holman can be seen strolling around the Benefit Street area, as one does, only you can see that she is constantly looking everywhere, at everything, and very carefully. Actually, all the designers look really hard at things. Jonathon Hoefler, of typeface fame, always seems to be looking up. (I have to look at my feet or I fall down. Could someone redesign my ankles please?)

Holman’s projects include Rigamajig Jr., Imagination Playground, and my favorite: Geemo. Her tale of trying to get a more conventional toy manufacturer to understand Geemo is hilarious.

The segment on costume designer Ruth Carter is a standout. These are all interesting people.

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