Sweet Little Variety Show At Askew

(1.9) No, this is not a man preparing for Cats — although he does love cats — this is mentalist and mindbender Rory Raven and he’s pretty damn entertaining. Find out for yourself when the folks at Askew host the 10th anniversary Sweet Little Variety Show with an all-star lineup of some of your favorite past performers.

Since January 2010, the Sweet Little Variety Show has supported local musicians, poets, magicians, comedians, dancers, actors, filmmakers, and many more, as a monthly feminist, anti-racist, queer-positive, and body-positive cabaret.

I caught Mr. Raven’s act a number of years ago (in that holiday burlesque show at AS220 I wish they would bring back) and I was totally fooled and amazed. Not only did he perform convincing feats of mentalism, but his patter was goofy and genuinely amusing. Raven used to haunt these parts with his ghost tours and such, but has since moved up to Salem, Massachusetts, where he also gives tours and writes.

In addition to a few books of historical fiction under a different name, Rory Raven is a published non-fiction writer whose books include: Haunted Providence: Strange Tales from the Smallest State; Wicked Conduct; Burning the Gaspee: Revolution in Rhode Island; and two works on the Dorr War. So Mr. Raven is a bona fide historian, which is why, if I ever get up to Salem, I will want to take his tour.

The rest of the Sweet Little Variety Show, with host Eva Destruction, features burlesque with Bettysioux Tailor, performance artist Elizabeth Keiser, Baby Oil, poet Vatic Kuumba, belly dancer Manuela Ameena Birner, Jodi Jolt and The Volt Fan Page, and more.

8pm to 10pm, Thursday, January 9, Askew, 150 Chestnut Street, (directions)


In Salem. He’s got a look.

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