Speaker Mattiello On Climate Change

In a Boston Globe forum with state leadership Wednesday, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello had this to say about climate change:

In response to a question from Globe reporter Dan McGowan, Mattiello said, in part: “There is nothing Rhode Island can do to address climate change in a way that is real or impactful. That has to be done at the national level and an international level.”

The Environmental Council of Rhode Island (ECRI) expressed dismay.

“We need to make emission reductions across all sectors of our economy,” added Kai Salem, ECRI vice-president for policy. “The sector with the highest emissions is transportation and that has to be addressed. We should also make every building more efficient. And we need to make sure the most vulnerable among us are protected from climate change and have opportunities to benefit from the shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.”

Mattiello does not seem to understand that other states are making preparations. ECRI states further:

“In addition to reducing emissions, we also need to be preparing our state for climate change,” said Meg Kerr, senior director of policy at Audubon Society of Rhode Island and past president of ECRI. “Investing in climate resilience will not only protect our communities and shorelines, it will also grow our economy. But this will require leadership from policymakers at every level of government– local, state, and federal. There’s no excuse for Rhode Island to watch from the sidelines. We need to step up and do our part because Rhode Islanders will also suffer the consequences of inaction.”

Does Mr. Mattiello understand that climate change will not be going state-by-state? What a provincial and unthinking man. His ignorance is complete and comprehensive.

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