Weekend In Music

Friday@Askew, Eric and the Nothing, Tall Teenagers, Seatbelt @Fête Ballroom, Charles the First, Esseks, Of the Trees, Living Light, Cosmal, ILAS @the Met, Hip Hop showcase @Nick-A-Nee’s, GA20 @Isadora’s 93 Club, Soapbox Saints @the Parlour (6pm) Neal Vitullo and friends @AS220, Kissing Kontest, Boors, Video Shoppe, Favourite @News Cafe, Orange Guava Passion, Hush Club, Bochek, King Scuba @Alchemy, Holy Diver, Metal 101

Saturday@AS220, Kurt Fowl, Slitty Wrists, Prateek, Brian 4 Ever @the Met, Lotus Land @Fête Lounge, Zoink Zulag, Jetty, Tekowa Lakica, Bochek @Askew, the Void Union f. Dave Hillyard, NB Rude Boys @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Devilfish @the Narrows, Tom Rush, Matt Nakoa @the Parlour, Sidy Maiga and Afrimanding @Dusk, Triangle Forest, Nick De Paris & Kaiser Disco @Tea in Sahara, Jeff Platz and friends @News Cafe, Pregame Ritual, Driftwalker, Aquaria, Astronaut Sunrise

Sunday@Nick-A-Nee’s, Geo Trio @Alchemy, Snowhaus, Wax on, Triheart

(Original photo of Video Shoppe by James Lastowski)

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