Ayana Evans In Performance At List

(2.5) Ayana Evans will perform “If You Can Make it Through the Night” this Wednesday at the List Art Building.

Ayana Evans’ performances address issues of body image and social judgement, often including feats of endurance performed in high heels and eye catching outfits that represent the perseverance required by women in our society. In honor of her professor, mentor, and friend Wendy Edwards and as part of her performance series I Want Some Sugar On My Sh**, Ayana Evans will investigate the idea of taking over territory, while questioning ideas of social boundaries and utilizing fantasy as a way to uplift one’s daily circumstances. Racially, what does it mean for a Black person in the USA to ask a room of people to literally lift her up? What does it mean for a grown woman to do push-ups in the street? What happens if you ask people to do the work with you? These and other actions will be used to consider an aggressive insertion of fantasy into the everyday with participation from the audience—and, of course, this will all happen while the artist wears her signature neon zebra print bodysuit.

Presented in conjunction with “Luscious” paintings and drawings by Wendy Edwards.

(Photo by Tsedaye Makonnen. Background detail by Wendy Edwards.)

5pm, Wednesday, February 5, List Art Building, 64 College Street, (directions)

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