Carmen & Ginger Moving Out Of Town

Last month we learned that the owner of the Arcade was going condo — not just the lofts upstairs but also the commercial units on the ground floor. This did not bode well for some of my favorite stores . . . and people. (ProJo 1.3.20)

Granoff stressed that nothing will change for current tenants who want to continue renting.

“I’m anticipating that a lot of people who are renting in the building right now will buy the units that they’re in because it’ll make economic sense for them,” he said.

Nothing will change? Guess again. As a result Lvngstvn has closed down Bad Taste and moved operations to his other location, Foolish Bandits on Valley Street. Today was the last day for Cured Collection; Xury has another location on the top floor of the mall. (No signs that the Lovecraft Arts & Science Council is going anywhere. I have yet to speak with Mr. Hobbs. Ditto for the various eateries.)

So what about Carmen & Ginger. This one really hurts because owner Christine Francis will be relocating to Tiverton Four Corners (aiming to open mid-April-ish). She will be shifting into a different retail “space” in more ways than one. Christine plans to take the costume jewelry and high-end accessories to the new store, but the biggest change will be a new emphasis on vintage cat-and-dog items and locally made pet accessories. She will also expand on her in-house design line of totes and greeting cards. The mix of vintage-to-new will be more 60/40 in the new location.

In the meantime, get downtown for some terrific deals. There is much ephemera and plenty of smalls, but I would like to point out some of the cool items that caught my eye today.

Somebody has got to buy this gorgeous red bouclé swing coat from Bonwit Teller from the ’60s. The collar can be removed. I also really like her chalkware table lamps. We think the one seen below is supposed to be Robin Hood — maybe Will Scarlett — whoever he is, he’s fabulous.

Also for sale is this mid-century, edge-lighted, etched glass sign.

See the calendar below for upcoming hours and sale details.

We wish Christine the best of luck. She did so much work — often unheralded and behind the scenes — helping to invigorate the downtown retail scene.

Carmen & Ginger, Arcade Providence, 65 Weybosset Street, (directions)

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  1. I’ve never been to Tiverton but RI is easy commutes all round. Figured something was up and am waiting on news from Niels as well. Providence is *still* my playground so thanks for all you continue to do to keep us updated Beth.

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