Week In Music

Monday@Dusk, Pat Condon

Tuesday@Fête Lounge, Gost, Komrads, Straplocked @Nick-A-Nee’s, John McKenna @Askew, the Autocrats

Wednesday@AS220, Natura Hospitium, Sponji, Will MK, F. Howler @the Met, YBN Cordae, 24KGoldn, Spocka Summa @Fête Lounge, King 810, SkinLab, Righteous Vendetta, Okami, War Criminal, Travesty

Thursday@Askew, Eliot Bronson, Meaghan Casey @AS220, the Daily Note @Nick-A-Nee’s,Gary Cummings @Isadora’s 93 Club, Shaun Young, Spike Katz @Dusk, Breachway, Follow Through, the Electric Dugans

(Photo of the Electric Dugans)

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