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(2.16) The Wild Colonial celebrates twenty-one years of business this Sunday with a “very special” Pub Quiz. We here at The Dose wish to say, Well done Mr. Collins! We’ve seen countless taverns, pubs, and bars sink under the waves over the past twenty-one years — despite our best efforts — but you really know how to run a tavern and your generosity to the local community has not gone unnoticed. Here’s to another twenty-one years!

At long last, the Wild Colonial is old enough to drink. Twenty-one years ago today, we ran out of City Hall before they could change their minds, called our suppliers and then flung open the doors at 8 pm , hoping it would work. That night, and every night since, you all have made it possible for us to belong to this community and to try to contribute to it in ways we hope were helpful. We consider ourselves more than fortunate to have been a part of the City we love for so long. Thank You.

We began our birthday celebration last Sunday with an inspiring performance from our pals at Wilbury and we will bookend it this coming Sunday with a Very Special Quiz. We will take the bar out for shots…er, responsible consumption…some other time. Tonight, feel free to drop down and we can jaw about how things used to be when that thing was where it’s not anymore.

We have no idea what “very special” could possibly mean, but the Wild Colonial pub quiz is always a gas.

Quiz categories may include current events, local stuff, the Oscars, lakes and rivers, Greek mythology, marine biology, ’80s television . . . you never know. It’s different every week, but it always ends in a 12-question audio music category. The rules are explained as you go along, so form a team of one to four people and just show up.

7pm, Sunday, February 16, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street, plenty of parking, wheelchair accessible, (directions)

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