Weekend In Music

Friday@Isadora’s 93 Club, Detroit Rebellion @Askew, Barn Burning, Consuelo’s Revenge, Joy Boys, Rhumbline @the Strand, Trippie Redd, BlocBoy JB, Kodie Shane @the Met, Brass Attack @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Worried @Dusk, Spiritwalker, more @Fête Lounge, Flaw, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, Jump the Fall, In the Red, more @AS220, Mountainess, Lindsay Foote, Anthony Savino @News Cafe, Mollusk, High n Heavy, Burn the Ship @Alchemy, Silver Dahli, 123 Astronaut, the Will Divided, Grand Evolution

Saturday@AS220, Twin Brook, Dog Stuff, Median, Familiar Spaces @Dusk, Crowded Rooms, TGTTR, Mad Passenger, Shallow Pools, Pancake Waitress @the Met, Lucero, Jade Jackson @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tanya McIntyre and the Professors @Askew, Deadlands, Psychedelic Clown Car, Foul Weather Friend, Plug @Fête Lounge, Spoken, Set for the Fall, Fight the Fade, Dead Friends, more @News Cafe, Bean, How’s About Charlie, Kate Dressed Up, Metric Electric @Tea in Sahara, Jeff Platz and friends @the Parlour, Bible Studies, Haunt the House, Gumption and Glory, Molly Maguires @the Vets, Angelique Kidjo

Sunday@Alchemy, Contusion, Indelego @the Met, Violin River @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Carman Quartet @Fête Lounge, Haven for Depravity, Stillborn Condition, more @the Vets, Squeeze

(Photo of 123 Astronaut)

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