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Normally we would be posting a schedule of live music playing around town this weekend, but the mayor has declared a state of emergency revoking all entertainment licenses. We will revive our music schedules when life returns to normal. Most of these venues remain open and would like to sell you food and booze.* From WPRI:

Mayor Jorge Elorza has declared a state of emergency in Providence in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Elorza also announced Thursday the city will temporarily revoke all entertainment licenses until further notice and will not be allowing any new events to take place.

All other license holders are restricted from gathering more than 100 people at a time, he added.

From the ProJo:

“We’re asking everyone to be part of the solution here,” said Elorza, who was flanked by other city officials, including City Council President Sabina Matos and Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré. “To anyone who’s out there thinking of going to a nightclub or a packed bar, even if you’re a healthy adult and even if you would withstand the effects and impacts of this virus, remember that this isn’t about you. This is about everyone else in our community.”

Events such as the St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day parades will be rescheduled, and the city will suspend issuing new entertainment licenses, including for events such as live music and DJs, until further notice.

(From what we can see, the Pawtucket clubs are following suit and postponing events, but check your individual event.)  Nick-A-Nee’s is one of the many clubs and bars who intend to remain open.

Unfortunately, Mayor Elorza revoked all entertainment licenses in the city and limited capacity of bars and clubs to 100 people. So get 99 of your closest friends and come on down to Nick’s! But please don’t start singing.

Not to worry . . . no one has ever confused my singing with entertainment.

*We also like the idea of buying a gift certificate to your favorite venue — for use at a later date — so these places have some cash coming in now.

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