Chez Pascal — At The Intersection Of Art And Meat

Those three little pigs . . . adorable and delicious. That a restaurant known for its house-made sausages and cured meats would think to entice diners with this “before” image is positively perverse. But it is an attention-getter and the exterior of the place is loaded with curb appeal. The painting — executed by artist, and Chez Pascal server of 17 years, Mark Riendeau — just adds to the charm.

I dropped in on chef/owner Matt Gennuso yesterday initially to ask about the rooftop garden that went up last summer. First, it is only a garden. The thinking was that the addition would bring more light into the rooms below — which it does — but there was never a plan to make it an area for patrons. The many planters help supply the kitchen with arugula, cilantro, garlic, cucumbers and such.

Now back to the art: There’s much more of it inside the restaurant — all executed by the staff — and the quality is exceptional. (What restaurant has a section devoted to “artists” on their website?) Another of Mr. Riendeau’s pig paintings is currently on display and on auction (see pic below). You have through the end of the month to make a bid.

A new little shop has opened in the garden room, selling saugies, franks, chowchow and other relishes, and bacon jam. And wait for the weather to warm up when the Wurst Window opens with seating on the sidewalk.

Wait . . . bacon jam?

Chez Pascal, 960 Hope Street, 401.421.4422, (directions)


Auction: “Enjoy” by Mark Riendeau. Accepting bids through March (starting at $2,000).

Other artists on display in the Garden Gallery are Deb Hickey and Seth McCombs.

A multi-panel pig mural was a collaboration of the employee-artists, but the cleaning crew was at work and I couldn’t get a photograph.

If you have ever admired the chandeliers, they have another in storage and it’s for sale.

Rooftop garden.

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  1. Mark C Sawtelle

    I’m surprised that Matt or Kristin didn’t point out several murals in the new dining room that were executed by Mark AND Deb AND Seth, though not at the same time. They’re adorables.

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