Bars And Restaurants Closing — Putting ‘People Over Profits’

James Mark — owner of Big King, North, and the Avery — was just interviewed on WPRI News to explain why he was closing down his operations: Business has been too good! Too many people were getting too close together. His statement from the Big King website:

While there have been no confirmed or suspected cases, the fact that covid19 can spread between people not showing symptoms is what has me shook. I have staff that have been working and just told me they are immunocompromised. I have staff that live with their elderly parents and grandparents. And we have guests that I’m certain are in the same boat. And if I was complicit in the serious illness or death of a staff member, guest, or their family? I wouldn’t be able to handle that guilt.

The only option for us is to close.

Brendan McCaughey, the owner of Nolan’s Corner Pub, was also interviewed and has also decided to close until further notice. Here is his statement from Facebook:

After much consideration and with a unanimous consensus of our employees, Nolan’s will be voluntarily closed until the national health crisis is over.

We believe the doctors, nurses, scientists, and other health professionals that overwhelmingly say social distancing is essential to beating this virus. We also believe that merely being open is tacitly encouraging people to go out in public. “Stay home if you feel sick” isn’t good enough anymore. Just stay home.

Our employees will be compensated for their missed wages and tips. The safety of our employees, customers, and their loved ones is our primary concern. Stay safe. Stay home. People over profit.

Well done you guys! Good citizens and good bosses.

At the end of the report (which I will link to when it goes up) Governor Raimondo indicated she would have a statement regarding restaurants tomorrow, Monday.

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  1. John McGrath

    Yes, people over profits, and these two are admirable examples. But when closings are mandated – they will be- there will be a huge cost. Numerous small businesses, restaurants, bars, music venues will close due to bankruptcy and a huge number of jobs for low income people will be lost. And evictions of low income tenants will rise. Unfortunately we hav ea federal administration that will provide inadequate relief, if any at all.

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