The Dark Brooding Type

Or just pissed off — where the hell is spring? According to the ASRI, we have egg. I keep watching and waiting but I have yet to catch a glimpse.

The female Peregrine Falcon laid the first egg sometime today, March 20th! While viewing the camera, look for a rust-colored spot. She will lay a total 3-4 eggs over a 2-3 day period. Round-the-clock incubation does not begin until the last or penultimate egg is laid. This allows the the entire clutch to hatch around the same time, roughly 30 days later. Both male and female #ProvidencePeregrines will take turns incubating the eggs.

How on earth does the male know when the penultimate egg is being laid? Ultimate maybe . . .

At any rate, March 20th plus 30 days gets us to around April 19th or so.

Go here to donate and keep the video cam running. We are really going to be needing this.

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