Coyote On Thayer Street

Maybe the cosmos has been getting the cleanup crew in place in preparation for the end time. From Wildlife Help:

Coyotes are primarily carnivorous, but also opportunistic. Their diet tends to reflect the most abundant prey species in their area and commonly includes small rodents, rabbits, carrion, deer, waterfowl, livestock, poultry and free-ranging pets. Seasonally they eat fruit and berries.

I would prefer not to become carrion, but I do hate waste.

This was the first mural executed on Thayer Street by the Mary C. Mural Crew who we first met last December at the dedication of their second mural on Fones Alley. The current emergency has finally made it possible to photograph the coyote mural without cars in the way, a fitting metaphor for what is currently occurring in our urban wildlife interface. (Sorry, there were no dolphins in Venice, but the ducks are moving in.)

One of the organizations referenced on the mural is Coyote Smarts, an organization that monitors coyote activity on Aquidneck Island. Also noted is The Conservation Agency with information about the Narragansett Bay Coyote Study (NBCS). Since 2004 the NBCS has been developing science-based coexistence and management strategies for our newest top predator.

So who is that lunatic man-in-the-moon? (Pic below.) From my source at the Wheeler School:

That is Rob Brown, aka Otter, our legendary science teacher who brought the coyote research to Wheeler when he taught here.

The Conservation Agency has a sightings map. Keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. l. levesque.mcfarland

    There’s helluvalot more coyotes casually existing locally and not on that map, specifically in Oak hill and more so, along the East Providence waterfront. ‍♀️ They are a wonder to watch…

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