Three Eggs In Nesting Box — So Far

For a better view of the eggs go to Providence Raptors — Mr. Green tuned in earlier today and found an interesting visitor in attendance! (Apparently the peregrines are ordering home delivery.) Peter also shared this bit of reproductive biology that was new to me.

How does a falcon lay 4-5 eggs? They arrive every other day… so they mate one day, then lay the next, then mate again, etc. The third egg arrived on Tuesday, here’s a clip of them mating on Wednesday, so the fourth egg should arrive today.

[Update: ASRI posted on Sunday, “A fourth egg was laid around 11:30 am!” They sure know their birds.]

That clip is running just fine. The action is over to the left . . . life on the edge.

Now about the video feed: The ASRI posted this note at their website, “It seems the live video on our website is having issues streaming to iOs/Safari (Apple devices)” and they provided a new link to their feed on YouTube.

I am definitely having problems on my Mac, although I use Firefox — the screen goes green every 5 seconds or so. As of yesterday, the YouTube feed was working perfectly for me, but now it is frozen.

And now we learn that all the coronavirus inmates have caused double-digit increases in internet traffic, slowing things down. Providers say they can keep up.

I am just going to wait and see if this resolves itself, which is how I handle most computer issues. At any rate, I can watch in 5 second increments for now.

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