Wild Colonial Virtual Pub Quiz

The good folks behind the Wild Colonial Pub Quiz have devised a virtual version and you can all join in from the safety of your homes. Find the Zoom link at the Facebook event page.

Looking for creative ways to connect while responsibly social distancing? Well, after you finish singing with your neighbors, head on down (kind of) to the Wild Colonial’s now Virtual Pub Quiz. Join us via Zoom this Sunday at 7pm to quiz and socialize. First place team will win a $40 gift certificate to the Wild Colonial and that amount will also be put into the staff support fund. Keep your big old brain safe but compete for those, oh so sociable bragging rights!

Sunday’s event will be hosted by Renee, Brien, Jimmy, and Molly who answered a few questions about the format:

Are there still teams?  People can either play individually or in a team — teams can communicate with each other via text or chat to come up with their answers.  I have a google form for each round for teams to submit.

Will there be a limit to the number of people?  No limit to number of players, but 4 people to a team. First place wins a $40 gift cert, with 1/2 proceeds going to the bar staff fund.

How long will it run? We’re aiming for regular running time of 2 hours.

Virtual Pub Quiz, 7pm to 10pm, Sunday, March 29


Many restaurants are trying to take care of their staff and of course the Wild Colonial is no exception. They have a great offer for you:

Many people have asked what they can do to help the Wild Colonial staff in this difficult time. No one goes hungry at The Wild Colonial—ever—but, if you’d like to chip in, here’s a way to do it: Buy a gift card in our new online store. We will redeem it at 100% of its value when we reopen but, in the meantime, 50% of that purchase price will directly back to the awesome folks who work so hard here every day.

They get some extra help. You get (when this is all over) to come down and enjoy our conviviality. We get the pleasure of your company. It’s a win-win-win. Go here for the link.

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