Turn Off Ten — Sinclair Broadcasting Is Trump TV

Every so often we like to remind our readers that WJAR is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting whose mission is to funnel presidential lies and propaganda through the mouths of trusted local anchors. (Aaw . . . Patrice is so sweet.) Sinclair owns over 200 local stations across the country. We have written about this before — over a year ago we recommended you watch ‘The Sinclair Broadcast Group’ from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver — but now there’s a new media outlet on the block adding to the miasma.

And once again we have John Oliver to explain. One America News (OAN) has been sending its insane “reporters” to those “press conferences” and you have probably wondered who the hell they are and why all the real reporters aren’t pummeling them into pulp.

Our advice is as always: Should Gampy fall asleep in front of the television while watching Channel 10/WJAR, it would certainly be fair to change the station. Neither WPRI-TV nor abc6 News forces their anchors to deliver Trump propaganda disguised as local news.

Rhode Island ReSisters has more information about the Sinclair Group at Turn Off 10.

Watch ‘OAN’ from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and get up to speed.

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