‘Knock It Off’ Tee Gets NYT Bump

I was not expecting a New York Times column about the clash between Governors Cuomo and Raimondo to include comments from Frog & Toad owner, Asher Schofield! Frank Bruni had noted that locals were giving her high grades for her handling of the Covid-19 crisis. (NYT 4.3.20)

She’s also being validated by novelty clothing. A Providence gift shop named Frog & Toad has sold thousands of T-shirts that say “Knock It Off,” words that she has directed so often at Rhode Islanders who flout her distancing directives that they have become her signature catchphrase.

One of the owners of Frog & Toad, Asher Schofield, told The Boston Globe’s Edward Fitzpatrick: “We all need an Italian mother right now. Break out the wooden spoon.” (The shirts are sold only online and some of the proceeds go toward coronavirus relief efforts.)

Raimondo, 48, told me that “Knock it off” was a frequent reprimand from her mother, 88, from whom she is staying away, as a precaution and an example. “It’s hard for me not to see my mom,” she said. “I’m used to seeing her all the time.”

Most locals know about this shirt by now. It was designed by Maret Bondorew of Frog & Toad Press and they can’t print them fast enough. (Order yours here.)

Or perhaps you favor the ‘Shut It Down’ tee like Drake which they also designed (see below). This being the Schofields, they will be donating 20% of all sales to the Rhode Island Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund.

Meanwhile, as a sign of gratitude and thanks to the people on the front lines of this crisis, Governor Raimondo has set the state house ablaze in what appears to be Pantone 19 CV. Go down at twilight — it’s glowy and surreal.


I was looking to see what photos I might have of Frog & Toad and this turned up from 2012. Yes, this is who the Schofields are. Thank you Erin and Asher!

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  1. Maybe the guv should take her own advice and “knock it off”. Maybe she should shut down her administration and lead by example. Until then, I don’t take orders from govt. Govt takes orders from me.

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