New Posters Honor Local Heroes

You may have noticed these posters popping up around town. Credit for these gems goes to local advertising renegades, NAIL Communications, “an advertising agency that kind of hates advertising.” They have made the following mild disclaimer on their Facebook page.

We love being scolded by the bad-ass women protecting our state. And we made some posters to prove it! If you see these around town posted semi-legally, we have no idea how that happened.

We are indeed lucky to have these two women in control. The daily updates from this hugely competent and informed tag team to be exactly what is needed. I feel sorry for states that don’t have this level of expertise and empathy at the helm.

And we are lucky to live in a town with so many creative types, people incapable of turning it off. Designed by Myles Dumas, these posters were just for fun and to let these women know how admired they are. The images have real authority and the design is eye-catching — they work on every level. I’m assuming First Gentleman Andrew Moffit has dozens of them posted around the Raimondo house. There is a downloadable pdf on the Facebook page, but here’s an even better idea.

If you want a set of the posters, make a donation of at least $25 to the United Way of RI and RI Foundation COVID-19 fund ( Then email a screen shot of your receipt and your address to:

I stopped by the NAIL studio today, assuming the offices would be empty, when out popped creative partner Alec Beckett. He was working alone at the time — actually watering the plants and checking the mail. Happily they are quite busy and can work remotely, although projects tend to move more slowly. And he misses the people!

Mr. Beckett was kind enough to give me a pair of the posters which I am loving. (They have to go up in my kitchen next to the Shep Fairey Angela Davis poster . . . my strong women corner.) The posters have been printed on a color printer on a heavy paper stock, and they have some interesting details; they look slightly creased and worn, like they had already been taped up on a telephone pole and taken down.

We’ve mentioned NAIL before for their Fun-Sized Rhode Island campaign and the Nothing Can.

To the good people at NAIL Communications: As a token of my appreciation, when this all blows over, I will come down and scold you on any topic of your choosing for free.

Governor Raimondo image credit: David Hansen Photography
Dr. Alexander- Scott image credit: Steven Senne

NAIL, 63 Eddy Street, (directions)

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  1. Governor Raimondo Image Credit: David Hansen Photography
    Dr. Alexander-Scott Image Credit: Steven Senne

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