‘Obey Gina’ Stickers

Our governor is becoming quite the cultural icon. In a melding of the famous OBEY image with the equally famous Obama HOPE poster — both by RISD grad Shep Fairey — an anonymous designer has come up with these free Obey Gina stickers. (I have no idea how the copyright issues play out here.)

There is also a clever Ramones/Raimondos poster — and she already has one very cool poster — the website is Obey Gina.

From Motif RI:

An artist who wishes to remain anonymous started a mysterious movement early last week to raise awareness and funds to support frontline medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic. The movement began with a parody of Shepard Fairey’s Obey Andre the Giant poster featuring Governor Gina Raimondo’s face with one simple word: “OBEY.” The poster nods to the stern manner in which Raimondo has implemented important guidelines at her daily press conferences. The image was first revealed on the Instagram account @obeygina2020, which appeared seemingly out of nowhere mid April. The bio has but one sentence: “GINA RAIMONDO HAS A POSSE.”

These are perfect for your car or skateboard deck or guitar case . . . don’t be a vandal. Go here for your free Obey Gina stickers. There are also T-shirts for sale for $25.

According to a new poll, 81% of those surveyed said Governor Raimondo is doing an excellent or good job dealing with the crisis (ProJo 4.23.20).

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  1. Copyright issues are nonexistent, clear fair use. Given Fairey’s attitude to copyright, I sincerely hope he sees it and it bugs him

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