First Peregrine Baby Hatches!

Happy birthday little one. The first of the three falcon eggs has hatched! From the Audubon Society of Rhode Island (ASRI):

Happy Hatch Day to the newest #ProvidencePeregrines! Here you can see the male leave the nestbox as the female arrives to feed the first hatchling, who hatched sometime in the early hours of April 30, 2020.

Incubation began 32 days ago on March 30th after the last egg was laid.

Stay tuned in – Can you catch a glimpse of the other nestlings under their brooding mother and father? Will you join them for feeding time?

Watch nesting box here. When the two adults are together, the female will be the larger of the two. Otherwise it’s hard to tell.

Thank goodness we finally have something happy to watch (pigeon-lovers excepted).

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