Tree Of The Week — Redbud

The eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis) is in bloom. The delicate haze of this small understory tree belies its hardiness. Tolerant of city conditions and deer, it can be grown as far north as Zone 4.

Generally referred to as redbud, sometimes cercis, it is known for its habit of squeezing flowers right out of the bark even on sizeable branches (see below).

Cercis canadensis, commonly called eastern redbud, is a deciduous, often multi-trunked understory tree with a rounded crown that typically matures to 20-30’ tall with a slightly larger spread. It is particularly noted for its stunning pea-like rose-purple flowers which bloom profusely on bare branches in early spring (March-April) before the foliage emerges.

If you are lucky enough to visit the Smoky Mountains some day during spring, this is the lacy pink that blends with the famous dogwoods, all native to the area.


Flowers bloom straight through the bark.


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