George Floyd Rally — Burnside Park

(5.30) This has got to stop. At the time of this writing, no arrests have been made in the unlawful killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police. Head down to Burnside Park tomorrow, Saturday, at noon to join Black Lives Matter Rhode Island to protest this senseless killing of an unarmed man.

Spontaneous protests have already erupted across the country, with our despicable president stoking the fires.

As a former cop I found this officer’s conduct sickening. That he has had several complaints filed against him over his decades-long career, without getting fired, suggests serious problems in that police department. But it is not just Minneapolis.

Charges in this case must be forthcoming.

(Image from the Occupy demonstration at Burnside Park . . . nine years ago.)

Noon, Saturday, May 30, George Floyd Rally, Burnside Park, Kennedy Plaza, (directions)

[Update: The officer has been charged with murder. (NYT 5.29.20)

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