The Next Day

Hope it’s the last. The Mayor has called for a 9pm to 6am curfew for the next week. I went to check on my favorite stretch of Westminster Street this afternoon. The panels here are leaning against  Mokban Korean Bistro which lost several big windows. Eno Fine Wines got hit, but I’m not sure to what it looked like inside. Civil Skateboard Shop (below) got picked clean.

Around the corner, behind City Hall, NAIL Communications had this image of George Floyd in their window by yesterday afternoon. This may have inoculated them from the vandalism which is in no way meant to suggest that this is why they had it there. NAIL are cool people.

Providence Optical and Craftland look untouched. And Queen of Hearts had windows once again, but was closed. I was trying to stay out of everyone’s way . . . lots of guys with plywood walking around.

Let’s try to give these businesses a little love as soon as possible. What a year they are having.

2 thoughts on “The Next Day”

  1. Brian Heller

    Of course Black lives matter. All lives matter far more than property, and no one feels that more strongly and has demonstrated that more clearly than Beth Comery and Providence Daily Dose.
    Obviously, this poster is not familiar with Beth Comery or the history of Providence Daily Dose.

    Even a cursory glance at past editions of Providence Daily Dose would make that obvious
    to the most jaundiced reader.

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