Hummingbird Palace At Lippitt Park

The Hummingbird Palace — an installation created to change and evolve over time — was erected by artist Esther Solondz in Lippitt Memorial Park. The piece was fabricated in 2015 of thin welded steel rod, translucent threadline, epoxy putty, clear silicon rubber, and urethane.

Once the structure was installed, flowering vines — both perennials and annuals — were planted at its base and along the inside of the boundary fence. It would appear that the honeysuckle has won, to glorious effect. This is likely coral honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens) of which there are several named cultivars.

The structure includes ten tiny hummingbird feeders (see below). No birds there today, but people are encouraged to share pictures on the Facebook page.

The palace can be found in Lippitt Park near Hope Street on the south side of the park. Solondz is a visual artist living and working in Providence.


Don’t know who cleans and fills these things . . . or how. Pretty cool looking even when not in use.


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